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Urea dispenser

Urea machine

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Product description

Use of large LCD screen (with photosensitive switch) and stainless steel.

Industrial computer design, more stable and reliable operation, simpler operation

High-precision flowmeter has more accurate measurement and longer service life.

Streamlined appearance design, concise and generous

It can be connected with IC card and computer directly.

Excellent compatibility and anti-interference performance

Individualized customization can be realized according to needs.

Product parameters:

Flow range: 5-55 liters per minute

Noise: <80dB(A)

Import vacuum: > 54 kPa

Ambient temperature: - 25 (-+55 (?)

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ AC380V 50HZ

Rated power: 750W

Single measurement range: volume/amount: 0-9999.99 liter/yuan

Accumulated Counting Range: Volume/Amount: 0-9999.99 L/Yuan

Unit price range: 0-99.99 yuan/liter

Environmental humidity: 30%-90%

Optional Configuration: Level Meter, Voice Broadcasting, Printer

Urea capacity: 3 cubic meters.

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