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Gas station accessories

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Product parameters

Number of monitored tanks: 6

Number of input channels: 2

Number of output channels: 2

Display type: LCD touch screen

Applicable liquids: petroleum, chemicals and hazardous wastes

Units of liquid: inches, centimeters and millimeters

Unit of volume: gallon or liter

Display size: 142mm, shape size: 185 *303 *57mm

Power requirements: 94-264 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 1.0 A

Working temperature: 0 to 40 C (32 F to 104 F)

Humidity range: 0%~95%

Intrinsic Security Level: US: Class 1, Div.1, Group D Europe: Group IIA, Zone 0

Compatibility: Compatible with FFS stock and side leak LL2 probe.


Oil level and density of up to six tanks can be monitored

Static and Dynamic Side Leakage Functions

Standard communication interface

Supporting external USB printing

Network Interface for Remote Access

Individualized setting alarm automatic notification

Smart appearance and convenient installation

Automatic Tank calibration

Basic functions:

Inventory and Oil Intake Management

Static lateral leakage

Alarm of high and low oil level and high water level

Network Interface and Mail Notification

Supporting IFSF Protocol

Optional functions:

24-hour dynamic lateral leakage (SCALD)

Purchase, Sales and Inventory Management/Automatic Canning Calibration

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