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Gas station accessories

Liquid level meter display

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Product parameters

Main parameter

Input voltage: 220VAC±15%

System operating voltage: DC 24V

Ambient temperature range of level gauge: -25℃ ~ 55℃

Relative humidity: 45% ~ 75%

Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa to 106kPa

Main function

The human machine interface adopts the 10.1 inch color capacitive touch screen, and Android system interface is more humanized.

The system can supports up to 16 oil tanks, each oil tank can switch to the detailed data displaying mode with more comprehensive data.

The system is equipped with a real-time working state dialog box of oil tank, whose displaying is more human, to make administrator have a more clear understanding of system state.

The system has the account password protection, and administrator can set the account access authority, which makes the data of system safer.

The system has functions of real-time monitoring of oil tank data, leakage detection of oil tank, print, shift exchange, warning and others.

The system can generate automatically the oil leakage detection records, warning records, oil feeding records, oil storage records, shift exchange records and other records.

It has e built-in voice alarm, and can connect the external sound and light alarm, so that the user can timely maintain the oil station

The level gauge adopts mass memory

The communication ports of probe bar and level gauge adopt the industrial field bus mode of RS485 with maximum transmission distance of 1200m.

The level gauge supports background management and control system and the remote control of mobile phone, which can make user check the state of system at any time and any place.

It can expand the anti-overflow valve control module

Support WiFi and 4G network

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