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Blocking explosion-proof prying station

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Product description

Blocking explosion-proof prying station.

The skid-mounted filling station is also called skid-mounted filling station. It is a ground movable filling station which integrates storage tank, filling machine and video surveillance. It integrates ground fire prevention, lightning protection, static electricity protection, gun strike and explosion prevention, double-layer oil storage tank, oil and gas recovery system, filling system and automatic fire extinguishing system. 。 The regulations of skid-mounted stations require that skid-mounted gas stations be popularized and applied in China for a short time, but the relevant ministries and commissions of the state have promulgated the implementation standards for the production and installation of skid-mounted gas stations successively. The main contents are as follows: Technical Specification SH/T3134-2002 for Vehicle Gas Station with Skid-mounted Fuel Device, which stipulates the technical requirements for Skid-mounted Fuel Device, and formulates the design specifications and engineering construction specifications for Skid-mounted Fuel Station. AQ3002-2005 provides the standard for the whole process of design, manufacture and installation of explosion-proof skid-mounted refueling device. The Code for Design and Construction of Automobile Gas Station GB50156-2006 explains that the danger of above-ground tanks is greater than that of buried tanks. It requires that explosion-proof devices should be installed in the tanks of automobile gas stations with skid-mounted refueling devices in order to make the tanks have intrinsic safety conditions and not be affected by their own and external conditions under any circumstances. It can eliminate the danger of explosion and fire accidents of oil tanks on the ground. The skid-mounted explosion-proof skid-mounted fuel refueling device for skid-mounted stations can be conveniently installed in densely populated urban areas, bus stops, large-scale construction sites, large factories, remote areas, highway borders and other places, and can easily and quickly build skid-mounted vehicle refueling stations with good safety and low construction costs. The working principle of skid loading station is explosion-proof skid-mounted refueling device (hereinafter referred to as "refueling device"), which is a mechatronic equipment with functions of oil storage, refueling and unloading. The oil from tank truck is transported to the storage tank of the refueling device through the unloading system of the refueling device, and then the outward refueling is realized through the refueling system of the refueling device. The advantages of skid-mounting station are oil and gas recovery interface. Oil and gas can be exported to oil and gas recovery device to reduce volatilization of oil and reduce environmental pollution to the atmosphere. The double-layer tank structure prevents the oil leakage from the tank to the ground or soil, causing environmental pollution. Installation convenience device before leaving the factory to complete all functional debugging, overall transportation and hoisting, once in place, simple and convenient. The cost, time, investment and maintenance of high cost-effective station construction are superior to the traditional way of station construction. Skid-mounted structure, strong mobility, flexibility and convenience. GVR China's achievements in prying stations GVR China provides gas tankers, level gauges and back-end management systems specially designed for prying stations to support inventory management, oil distribution and loss and overflow management of gas stations, and can be uploaded to the mobile terminal through Ethernet for real-time inquiry. At the same time, it also introduces the solution of RFID vehicle identification system which is mature abroad, integrates with station-level management system of GVR, and replaces the current gas card by online bookkeeping and payment. The oil storage tanks of explosion-proof skid filling stations (containers) were retrofitted for explosion-proof and barrier technology. The explosion-proof and barrier materials (explosion-proof and barrier materials are a kind of network structure material composed of special aluminium alloy) were filled in the oil storage tanks with flammable and explosive liquids in a certain density manner. Open fire, static electricity, impact, lightning, shooting, welding and accidental violent impact accidents will not occur explosion accidents. It is fire-proof, explosion-proof, safe and environmental protection, occupies a small area, and is easy to migrate. The products are widely used in bus stations, ports, wharfs, airports, large construction sites, internal gas stations, etc.

The skid-mounted gas station is designed with safety, environmental protection and mobility as its core concept. It is a skid-mounted gas station which integrates ground fire-proof and explosion-proof storage tank, refueling machine and automatic fire extinguisher. This kind of oil station is small in size and occupies less land. It is easy to install and can be moved as a whole. After migration, the equipment is not damaged and can be economically maintained. There are many safety components which are not available in buried gas stations, such as automatic fire extinguishing device, emergency pressure relief device, anti-oil injection excess device, alarm device, high temperature automatic oil shut-off protection valve, internal combustion suppression device, etc. The skid filling station is equipped with a first-class oil and gas recovery device. The double-wall storage tank eliminates leakage and pollution factors. The monitoring instrument of tank interlayer improves leakage monitoring. The skid-mounted gas station guarantees safety and environmental protection in design. It has single-layer and double-layer style.

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