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Fuel dispenser

Fuel Dispenser

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Product parameters

Demension: 910×680×2150mm

(4) Discharged gasoline volume: 5-55 L/min

(2) Accuracy: ±0.3%  Repeating Accuracy≤0.15%

(3) Pumping distance: 4m

(4) Working Ambient:

1) Adapt temperature: -40℃ ~ +55℃

2) Relative humidity:<95%

3) Inlet Vacuum:≥54kpa

4)Outlet Vacuum:≤0.3Mpa


(5) Power Supply:

1)Voltage: AC220V±20%    

2) Frequency:(50/ 60)Hz      

(6) The digits number displayed on display screen:

1) Liter district:6~8 digits

2)Amount district: 6~8 digits

3)Unit price district: 4~6 digits

(7) Unit price setting range:0~9999,0~999999 / liter

(8) Counting range for one refueling:

1) Volume: (0.00—9999.99,0.00—999999.99) liters

(9) Counting range of accumulative totals:

Volume: (0.00—99999999.99) liters

Amount: $(0.00—9999999999.99)

(10) Counting range of shift accumulative totals:

Volume: (0.00—99999999.99)liters

Amount: $(0.00—9999999999.99)

(11) Leaves the communication port, so it can communicate with the gas station management system.

(12) All important data shall be kept for ten year in case of power failure.

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